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Advantages to Leasing Your Equipment

Sterling Capital Leasing, LLC can provide your business with a variety of competitive lease financing packages. Our financing structure and closing procedure will get you the funding you need quickly and efficiently.

Simple Credit Criteria
Complete our simple one page application on line or fax a printed form to our office. No Financials required up to $150,000.

Tax Benefits
Lease payments are 100% deductible

Conserve Capital / Maintain Existing Credit
No Down payments! A small initial layout allows you to conserve existing credit lines for other business needs and pay for equipment as it generates revenue.

Simple Documents
Easy to read and understand documentation written in "Plain English" formatted to get delivery of your equipment.

Flexible Payment Plans
Lease terms and payment schedules can be tailored to meet the needs of the lessee and can be written for up to 60 months.

Vendor And Equipment Selection
Your company has the opportunity to select the vendor and equipment type while negotiating the best possible terms.

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